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Junlang Electronics Co., Ltd
Tel 0769-88662816
Fax 0769-88682813
Mobile: 13925784996
Contact: Fiona
Add No.8,St.Mingxing,Hengliu District,Shatian Town,Dongguan City

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About Us
Dongguan Junlang Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in production of medical calculators, stationeries, solar calculator, electronic calendar, clocks, thermometer, retractable dog leash, USB fan and other electronic products, which are all open to the global market. It can provide the whole production flow from design, developing, mould opening, injection molding, painting, silk printing, assembly of dust free workshop. In order to ensure that the customers can enjoy the best prices and on-time delivery.
Our company was founded in 2006, located at the famous city of manufacturing industry of China---Dongguan......
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